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Dream Dive: Water

by BetterSleep
Aug 9 • 4 min read

From humans to animals and plants, all aspects of life require water. While water is a necessity for life, it can take away. Many dreams involve water. Each element carries its meaning.

Water in Dreams

There are many things to consider regarding dreams about water—purity, size, calmness, etc. All these things can help you understand your dream about water.

In general, dreams about water are closely connected to your deepest emotions. These dreams come up a lot when there is some sort of emotional turbulence. You may be in love, going through a heartbreak, or experiencing a rekindled relationship.

Water refreshes and rejuvenates the body after a long day. Water in dreams is synonymous with rejuvenation.

Understanding water in dreams is also about the way the water interacts with you.

Being inside water

If you see yourself inside water in a dream, assess the water. If the water is clear and calm, it could mean that you’re at peace or comfortable with the adventure life has taken you. Rough, mirky water could mean that your feelings of insecurity, unhappiness, or fear are becoming overwhelming.

Overflowing water

Water overflowing in a calm, steady manner may symbolize abundance. Things may be coming in at a good pace for you. This shows that you are comfortable with the current flow of things. If the water is rushing in and violent, you could be taking on too much at once. You could also be going through emotional turmoil.

Drinking water

Drinking water in a dream is usually seen as positive. It could signify a spiritual or inner cleansing. If the water you’re drinking is dirty, watch out for people around you who may have bad intentions.

What does rain in a dream mean?

Rain in dreams is open to many interpretations. For many people, this dream means prosperity and wealth. You may receive good fortune soon. Rain in dreams may symbolize rough times that are on the horizon. Thunderstorms with high winds may mean that your emotions have become too much to contain.

Dream of someone drowning

If you dream about someone drowning, you may be worried about them. The relationship you have with this person could also be at risk. Seeing yourself drown could mean that you’re getting too involved in something and should take a step back.

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