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Dream Dive: Nightmares About Dying

by BetterSleep
Aug 8 • 4 min read

Death is inevitable and can be a lot to process and understand. Dreaming about people dying may be a cause for concern. Seeing yourself die can bring even more worry.

There are a few things that your dream about dying could symbolize.

Seeing yourself die in a dream:

Seeing yourself die in a dream can be a scary experience. Death is permanent and is seen as unfavorable in most cultures. Many people may assume that seeing yourself die in a dream carries a literal meaning, but it’s not always that way.

The key to understanding this type of dream is looking for clues that will help you see what death may signify. If you die a terrible and gruesome death, it could be taken as a negative omen. This is a different interpretation than dying peacefully in a dream. Dying peacefully usually symbolizes a spiritual awakening or moving forward.

Here are some other common meanings for seeing yourself die in a dream:

Growth or transformation

Dying in a dream doesn’t always have a negative meaning. When something dies, that means it has come to an end. Seeing yourself die in a dream could end bad habits or character.

Big change

Big changes impact the way you live your life. Seeing yourself die in a dream could mean a new change will prompt you to give up your old ways. If this is the case, you can be more acceptive of the change that is to come.

Feeling overwhelmed

Feeling overwhelmed can weigh on your mental and physical health. If you’re overwhelmed, it’s possible to see your death in a dream. Be sure to take a break from things so that you can avoid these nightmares.

Bad character

The things about your character that need work can manifest in your dreams. Seeing yourself die in a dream could mean that your bad character will soon get you into trouble. This dream serves as a wake-up call.

Waking up right before dying

Waking up right before dying in a dream is the body’s way of reacting to fear. This may be fear of death or about another situation. You may also feel guilty about something you did. Take time to acknowledge all your thoughts and feelings.

Attending Your Funeral in a Dream

Death in a dream isn’t only about seeing yourself die. Funerals are a symbol of death as well. The closure is the most common reason for seeing your funeral in a dream. There may have been a situation that ended, and you’re yearning for proper closure.

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