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Bedtime Stories: Stories About Animals

by BetterSleep
Jun 25 • 4 min read

Sheep aren’t the only type of animal you can associate with going to bed! With these stories on the BetterSleep app, you can listen to tales about our friends from the animal kingdom to help you drift off into a slumber. It may even give you a new appreciation for that story’s animal, too!

Here are six animal adventure stories that can help you get a peaceful night’s sleep.

[The Emperor’s Lion]()

You probably already know The Lion King, but here’s a story with a distinctly Ancient European twist. After his most prized lion escapes the Colosseum, Cicero—the Emperor of Rome—has to jump across The Eternal City to try to bring him back.

The Camel, the Fennec & the Sand Cat

If you don’t know where you are or where you’re going, it’s always best not to stray too far from the pack. Unfortunately for this story’s protagonist, camel, that’s the mistake he makes here. Leaving his camp only to find himself lost within the vast Sahara Desert, our two-humped hero meets a fennec and a sand cat, who accompany him on his journey.

The Story of Sleepy Fish

Ever wanted to be reincarnated as a fish? This story could help make that desire even stronger. Here, you’ll find yourself falling from a fishbowl right into the sea, swimming amongst all other types of wildlife as we go. With the help of a relaxing soundtrack from Chillhop artist Sleepy Fish, you’ll embark on an adventure in the deep blue sea while you also journey off to dreamland.

Mel & Odies

How about falling asleep to a love story based entirely around owls? In this tale, we see a barn owl named Odies who suddenly has to find his beloved Mel, a snowy owl suffering from an injury. Over 35 minutes, you’ll drift off into a slumber while finding out how Odies tries to rescue her.

The Wild Swans

From the world of legendary Danish author, Hans Christian Andersen comes this classic tale about the young princess Elisa’s journey toward rescuing her 11 brothers, each under a spell turning them into swans. Since she’s been kicked out of her father’s castle, she’ll have even more adversity to face along the way.

The Busy Blue Jay

Though this is much shorter than the typical BetterSleep bedtime story, at only 12 minutes, it’s worth the quick listen. In it, we hear about the everyday life of a blue jay named Jakie and the shenanigans he pulls around his caregiver.

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