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Bedtime Stories About the Great Outdoors

by BetterSleep
Jul 19 • 4 min read

Busy minds need to get a good rest. If you find yourself lying awake at night, a simple and enjoyable way to switch off is by listening to bedtime stories. While you probably have fond memories of your parents reading you a bedtime story, you may be skeptical about whether it would work now that you’re an adult.

But, just like listening to music or meditating, bedtime stories work by distracting the mind from worries and calming down the brain so that it can transition into a peaceful slumber.

One study by the University of Sussex found that reading for just 6 minutes reduced stress by as much as 68%. Therefore, it makes sense that having a story read to you would have a similar effect.

Bedtime Stories Worth Checking Out

Download the BetterSleep app for free. Get comfortable on your bed and check out these outdoor-themed bedtime stories to help you drift off into a deep sleep.

An Australian Bushwalk

Join Charlotte as she escapes the busy city of Melbourne and takes a relaxing bushwalk in the countryside, surrounded by breathtaking views and peaceful nature sounds.

Camping at Moonlit Lake

Get lost with Jake as he feeds his wanderlust on a camping trip in Canada. Enjoy falling into a deep slumber as he wanders through the forest and discovers the beautiful nature around him.

Into the Everglades

Travel back in time to the Everglades and discover all the wild and tropical region of Florida has to offer.

Snowy Mountain Cabin

Join Caleb in his cabin, nestled in the snowy Canadian Rockies. Snow falls thickly all around him, and he heads out into the frosted woods to explore.

Sundown at Sweetpea Farm

Drift off into a peaceful sleep while taking a tour around a charming eco-friendly farm called Sweetpea.

The Camel, the Fennec, and the Sand Cat

A camel gets lost in the Sahara Desert, wandering too far from camp. Let your mind relax while listening to who he meets along the way and how they lead him through an epic adventure.

Fossils, Rocks, and Time

Lull yourself to sleep listening to a naturalist talking about the study of fossils and their significance through time.

Just like for kids, listening to bedtime stories can be comforting and relaxing for adults too. They help distract, and calm the mind and can help you quickly drop into a deep sleep. All you need is the BetterSleep app, a comfy bed, headphones, and a quiet space to start enjoying the many benefits.

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