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A Full Moon Meditation for the Flower Moon of May 26th

by BetterSleep
May 26 • 2 min read

The full moon is a time of increased energy, and meditation is a great way to harness it. May’s full moon is known as the flower moon. Take advantage of this ripe time by using focused meditation to relax, ease your stress and set goals for the future.

About the Flower Moon

This year’s flower moon is special because it coincides with a lunar eclipse in some parts of the world. If you live in western North America, South America or eastern Asia and Oceania, your moon will have a reddish tint.

As a bonus, this full moon is also a supermoon, no matter where you live. The moon will look larger than usual because it has reached its closest position to Earth. This is the second of only two supermoons in 2021.

The name of this month’s moon refers to the many flowers that bloom in May. It may have originated within the Algonquin tribe. Other names for May’s full moon also reference the spring season:

  • Budding moon – Leaves bud at northern latitudes in May.
  • Planting moon – May is the time for planting seeds.
  • Egg-laying moon – Many birds lay their eggs at this time of year.
  • Moon of the shedding ponies – Ponies shed their winter coats as the weather becomes warmer.

Meditations for the Full Moon

The evening of a full moon is a perfect time to meditate. As the culmination of the moon’s eight phases, the full moon represents the conclusion of projects, tasks or dreams. Focusing on what you have accomplished is a great way to celebrate a full moon.

The May flower moon is particularly high in energy. It coincides with early spring and brings with it all the associated growth and renewal of this time of year. Set an intention for your flower moon meditation. Think about personal development, new goals, and things you want to achieve or improve. Harness the energy of this special full moon to help bring your intentions into being.

BetterSleep has several guided meditations you can try. Refreshing Spring Visualization, Yoga Nidra for Self-Realization, Ara’s Moon Reflections and Walking Woodland Visualization would be perfect for this evening. You can also add a soothing soundtrack to your meditation. Several sounds available within the app would be great accompaniments. Try Rain Sounds, Birds, and Wind in the Trees to capture the feeling of spring.

Choose an intention, focus on the energy of the moon, and relax into your practice. As nature blooms around us once again, meditate on all the ways you too can bloom.

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