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A Full Moon Meditation for the Cold Moon of December 18th

by BetterSleep
Dec 16 • 3 min read

In many cultures, December’s full moon is known as the Cold Moon for obvious reasons. Both the moon itself and the time of year in which it appears hold a lot of spiritual meaning. As the culmination of the moon’s eight phases, a full moon represents the conclusion of projects, tasks or dreams. This energy is even more powerful for the Cold Moon, because it’s the last full moon of 2021. Harness the energy of the full moon during this season of rest, renewal, focus, and celebration with a timely meditation to reflect on your year.

When Does the Cold Moon Fall?

This last full moon, and final opportunity for a full moon meditation, occurs on December 18th. It’ll be completely full around 11:30 pm eastern time, but you can still enjoy a very full moon for a couple of nights afterwards.

The December full moon rises just before sunset. It’s a special one because it’ll have a high trajectory as it moves across the sky. This means you can see it closer to the horizon for longer than usual, compared to most moons.

The Cold Moon’s Name

Many cultures have appropriately named this month’s moon the Cold Moon. The name represents the bitter temperatures that many communities across the world experience in the dead of winter. The Mohawk tribe of New York is credited with giving the moon this name. Other Native American tribes have given the December moon their own designations based on local traditions:

  • Hoar Frost Moon
  • Long Night Moon
  • Moon of the Popping Trees
  • Snow Moon
  • Winter Maker Moon
  • Drift Clearing Moon
  • Little Spirit Moon

In the European pagan tradition, the December full moon is commonly referred to as the Moon Before Yule. All of these names describe winter conditions or traditions related to this time of year.

Finding Meaning In the Cold Moon

A full moon is always a good occasion for meaningful meditation. It symbolizes fulfillment and culmination and is a time to look back on your successes and challenges.

This spiritual meaning is enhanced for the Cold Moon, the final full moon of the year. This is the perfect opportunity to reflect on the closing of the year, what you’ve accomplished, and what you hope for in the coming year.

The December full moon also falls near the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. Many traditions use this occasion to celebrate the return of daylight, as the days get longer from now until the summer solstice.

Another important theme for this time of year and full moon is renewal. While nature lies dormant, you can also find strength in rest and use this time to emotionally and spiritually prepare for the coming spring.

Cold Moon Meditations

You can find the right practice to match your mood for the Cold Moon and winter solstice in BetterSleep’s library of meditations. This full moon is a great opportunity to try practices that help you focus on the present moment. If you’re the type of person who’s always busy and active, now is when you should rest and focus.

Try the Meditation for Change to manifest your New Year’s resolutions. The Deep Forest Hypnosis for Rest can help you rest and reset, just as many plants and animals do in the winter. And if you already can’t wait for warmer weather, the Refreshing Spring Visualization would be perfect for you.

These and other guided meditations will allow you to harness the energy of December’s Cold Moon. Take time to become one with the season and enjoy the rest it brings.

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