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A Full Moon Meditation for the Beaver Moon of November 19th

by BetterSleep
Nov 18 • 3 min read

The full moon of November 2021, often called the Beaver Moon, falls on the 19th of the month. It represents the preparation for winter in many cultures. A full moon is always a special time for reflection and meditation. This month, the full moon coincides with a lunar eclipse for most of the western hemisphere, making it even more powerful. Embrace this special event with a meditation for the coming winter.

What Is the Beaver Moon?

Many Native American tribes named November’s full moon after the busy beaver. This was the time of year when beavers actively gathered stores for the winter, and people trapped beavers to ensure a good supply of furs for the colder months. Other names for this full moon include:

  • The Digging or Scratching Moon. Many animals dig in the ground to forage and burrow for the winter.
  • The Frost or Freezing Moon. In some areas, this is when the weather begins to turn cold.
  • The Deer Rutting Moon. Lakota and Dakota tribes chose this name because the moon appears during the deer mating season.
  • The Whitefish Moon. The Algonquin named the moon after the fish spawning season.

The Significance of the Lunar Eclipse

This year, the Beaver Moon is special because it coincides with a 98% lunar eclipse for most of North America. To see it, you’ll need to be up very early. The eclipse will reach completion around 4:00 AM (EST), on November 19th.

A lunar eclipse occurs during some full moons when the sun casts the earth’s shadow onto the moon. This shadow may cover the moon to any degree—during a total eclipse, that coverage is 100%. The shadow doesn’t obscure the moon as the sun does during a solar eclipse. Instead, it turns the moon a reddish color.

Spiritually, a lunar eclipse is considered a time for transformation. The full moon already emanates a lot of energy, and an eclipse heightens it. This is the perfect opportunity to recognize an ending in your life, and release things that no longer serve you to embrace a new start.

Meditating During the Beaver Moon

The spiritual meaning of any full moon is related to fullness, completion, and heightened emotions. The Beaver Moon also has its own theme of preparation for winter. This is a time to seek security and safety, both physically and emotionally.

You may feel powerful emotions during this time because the full moon involves such heightened energy. Use meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises to help yourself stay calm and centered. Try meditations that aim to relieve stress that allow you to reflect on your feelings and needs.

Sleep may be particularly difficult during this time of intense energy, but meditation can help with that as well. It’ll allow you to harness the power of the moon and relax into sleep with new personal insights.

The BetterSleep library contains many guided meditations — choose one to help you embrace this year’s Beaver Moon and lunar eclipse. Chakra Release, Ara’s Moon Reflections, Letting Go of Your Day, and Anger Release are just a few examples of meditations that will allow you to take advantage of this unique spiritual time.

Reflect on what you need to let go of and how you’ll seek comfort and security in new personal growth during this period of change.

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