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5 Ways to Arrange Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

by BetterSleep
Feb 18 • 3 min read

According to sleep experts, how you design your bedroom has a big impact on your sleep quality. Just a few changes can make a big difference. Use these tips to create the right sleep energy in a peaceful, safe environment.

Why Are Sleep Environments Important?

Think about how difficult it is to sleep on an overnight flight, with people talking, babies fussing, too much sound and light, and a hard seat…This helps illustrate the importance of an environment tailored for sleep. Compare that busy airplane to a cool, quiet, dark room and a soft, cozy bed. Where do you think you’ll sleep better? Following a few tips will make your bedroom more like an oasis and less like a crowded plane.

1. Choose a few soothing plants

The presence of green plants is soothing because they help connect us to nature. Keep a few plants in your bedroom, not just for decoration, but to set the mood for relaxation. Plants may even help create better air quality for improved sleep. Researchers have found that lower carbon dioxide levels make bedroom air feel fresher, leading to improved sleep. Plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen.

Choose plants you find most soothing. If you’re not sure where to start, try these houseplants that have proven stress-busting aromas or have been tested for a superior ability to improve air quality:

· Jasmine

· Lavender

· Aloe vera

· English ivy

· Areca palm

· Snake plant

· Gerbera daisy

2. Get in the habit of making your bed

A stale, messy bed is not inviting. Make your sleep environment feel welcoming and relaxing by taking a few minutes each morning to refresh your bed. Shake the sheets a bit to air them out. Fluff your duvet and pillows to make them softer and more inviting. Finally, make your bed and tidy up your bedside table.

3. Keep lighting soft and soothing

A lighting upgrade in the bedroom is well worth the investment. Harsh, bright lights, before bed can make it more difficult to fall asleep. Instead, choose high-quality bedside lamps with good shades, so you have gentle light for reading before bed.

How the light reflects off walls is essential, too. Paint your walls in soothing colors that make you feel relaxed. The right color is the one that feels best for you, but try soft shades of light blue, green, or neutral hues.

4. Block out external light

Humans evolved to stay awake during the day, when it’s light, and sleep when it’s dark. This means you’ll sleep best when your bedroom is as dark as possible. Outdoor lights can disrupt the natural cycle. Consider getting blackout curtains that cover the entire window, even the edges, where a little light can creep in.

5. Settle into a comfy bed

Where you spend your time sleeping should be supportive and comfortable. If you haven’t had a new mattress in years, consider investing in one. Over time, your mattress breaks down and loses support. Studies have shown that new bedding can also make a big, positive impact on sleep quality.

Splurge on high-quality sheets that breathe and feel soft. Add in supportive but comfortable pillows for extra coziness. Add layers to your bedding. This will allow you to shed one or two in the night if you get too warm.

How you approach decoration for your bedroom matters. A thought-out sleep environment has the power to relax you, reduce stress, and significantly improve sleep quality.

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