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10 Sleeping tips that will help you sleep better

by BetterSleep
Dec 22 • 2 min read

Experts recommend that adults get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep every night. Unfortunately, many people do not reach this number. According to researchers, insufficient sleep is now a global public health problem which negatively affects physical and mental health. If you struggle with sleep, making a few simple changes can help you catch more Z’s fast.

1. Set a schedule and stick with it.

Set a bedtime and a wake time that allows for at least eight hours in bed. Keep to this schedule every night, even on the weekend. It may be difficult at first, but with time you’ll adapt to the schedule and begin to get sleepy at your usual bedtime.

2. Create a bedtime routine.

A schedule with a soothing routine is even more powerful for promoting a healthy sleep cycle. Create a bedtime routine that relaxes and prepares you for sleep. It may be reading or taking a bath, for instance. Don’t include anything too stimulating.

3. Design your bedroom around sleep.

Make your bedroom a relaxing sanctuary for sleep. Remove the television and keep mobile devices out as much as possible. Hang curtains that block out light and keep the temperature cool. Keep the room tidy and simple, so as to avoid any unnecessary visual stress.

4. Avoid naps.

A nap during the day may feel restful, but it may serve to only make the problem worse if you struggle to sleep at night. If you must nap, do it earlier in the day and for no more than 30 minutes.

5. Get out in the sunlight.

Natural light during the day promotes a healthy, normal circadian rhythm. Studies indicate that daily bright light exposure helps with insomnia. One study found that it decreased the time people with insomnia took to fall asleep by 83%.

6. Exercise outside.

Kill two birds with one stone by exercising outside in the sunlight daily. Regular exercise is excellent for overall health and improves sleep quality. Just avoid vigorous workouts close to bedtime.

7. Avoid evening blue light exposure.

While natural light in the day promotes a regular sleep cycle, blue light in the evening makes falling asleep more difficult. Blue light comes from electronic devices, including mobile phones and television. Try to either unplug two hours before bed or use glasses that block blue light.

8. Watch what you eat and drink.

Eating and drinking late in the day impacts sleep. Avoid caffeine six hours or less before bed. For your evening meal, go light, don’t eat too late, and avoid alcohol completely. While alcohol can make you feel sleepy, it is ultimately disruptive to sleep.

9. Manage anxiety.

Worries keep many people up at night. Take steps to manage anxiety and stress every day to sleep better. Any relaxation or stress-busting strategy that works for you is helpful. Try meditation, journaling, or a hot bath.

10. See your doctor.

If you continue to struggle with sleep, see your doctor to identify or rule out any sleep disorders. The solution could be simple and effective. For instance, if you have sleep apnea, a breathing device will help.

Poor sleep doesn’t have to be an ongoing problem. Most modern lifestyles don’t value sleep, but you can change that. Follow these tips and consult your doctor if you don’t see improvements.

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