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The Benefits of Doodling

by BetterSleep
Jul 29 2022 • 5 min read

Do you find it hard to stay focused in meetings or lectures? Mindful doodling could be the answer, with a 30-minute doodle reportedly helping a person retain information, improve focus, and have a much-needed reprieve from the mountain of information thrown at them.

Doodling is the process of ‘scribbling absentmindedly.’ Mindful doodling is taking it to another level, creating purposeful doodles that lead you to a relaxed, reflective space.

What Are the Benefits of Doodling?

Mindful doodling is a way to focus before a meeting, sharpen your creativity, and boost productivity. Relaxing drawing has a multitude of benefits like:

Mood regulation

Creative self-expression activities such as mindful doodling, relaxing drawing, and adult coloring has been studied and shown to regulate moods and reduce addictive behavior.

Lower cortisol (stress hormone) levels

Artists, teachers, and scientists all agree that doodling is a relaxing activity. One study found that 75% had less cortisol in their saliva when participants made art or just doodled.

Improve memory

Doodling is thought to keep people more awake and alert, even during boring tasks. This helps the brain retain more information.

Help to process emotions

When you’re stressed, angry, or anxious, it can be hard to talk about those feelings. Doodling is a way to get those emotions out when you can’t find the right words.

Retain more information

While you may think doodling in a meeting or lecture takes your attention away, researchers think that it may help you learn better and retain more information.

Is Drawing Good for Social Anxiety?

Social anxiety drawing is a form of art therapy that can help relieve stress, and reduce anxiety. It’s thought to work by helping express difficult emotions that you have trouble putting into words.

While the world around us is something we can’t control, social anxiety art is something you can control. Focusing on drawing, painting, coloring, or doodling takes the energy away from your stress and puts it into the creative process.

Art Therapy Techniques to Try Out

Art therapy isn’t only for budding artists; it’s meant to be a fun, relaxing activity anyone can take part in. Don’t put huge expectations on yourself. Just aim to be present in the moment and release your pent-up feelings. Techniques to try include:


Adult coloring books are a simple way to release stress and calm down after a hectic day. Try printing out mandala coloring pages online to get you started.


Doodling can be done anytime and anywhere, without the need for a fancy pencil or expensive sketch pad. If you’re feeling low or stressed about an upcoming event, try doodling images that express how you feel.


Drawing and sketching are the next step up from doodling. If you feel worried about your future and don’t know what to do next, you may find yourself drawing a locked door for example.

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