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Are Stress Relief Products Too Good to Be True

by BetterSleep
Jun 10 • 5 min read

Every day, there seems to be a new item or trend that claims to be able to relieve your stress instantly. Whether you’re looking to de-stress after work or cope with life’s daily stressors, there are seemingly endless products and techniques you can try. The options can be overwhelming from stress balls lotions and candles, especially when you don’t know which one will work.

It’s easy for companies to slap the word ‘stress’ on a product or market it as a miracle fix for your problems. We’re diving into stress products. Do they work? Or should you take your time and money, elsewhere?

Do stress relief products work?

Now for the million dollar question, do all these “quick fixes” really work? Yes and no.

Stress is extremely complex to measure; take stress-relieving technology like wearable headbands and watches. In an article in The Washington Post, Ipsit Vahia, medical director of the Institute for Technology in Psychiatry at McLean Hospital in Massachusetts, explains that technology can track objective markers of stress like increased heart rate. But, not everyone experiences stress in the same way, meaning these gadgets aren’t always going to be accurate for everyone. Subjective factors like your resilience to stress, emotional state, what’s happening in your life, and more also contribute to how stressed out you will be on top of physical indicators.

Finding the stress relief product that works for you

So what’s the point of stress relief products and technology if we all experience stress differently? Can It’s important to see stress relief products, gadgets, and gizmos not as a one size fits all cure for your stress but rather as tools to fight stress. And like all things in life, just because one product works for one person doesn’t mean it will work for the next.

Are stress relief products a scam?

AmI getting scammed? It depends on what you’re expecting. Stress relief products should be seen as another tool to reduce stress, not an entire solution to your life’s problems. Be cautious of products that say they can instantly take all your stress away.

Not all products will work for everyone because we all get stressed and de-stress differently. But maybe you have a certain tea, candle, lotion, or other stress-relieving product that always makes you feel calmer. Those products may provide a temporary fix to a larger problem.

It’s always important to zoom out and look at all aspects of your life instead of being tricked into thinking that spending 20 dollars on a lavender-scented cream will fix your work-life balance and relationship problems (if that did exist, though, we would buy it).

Stress relief products to try

Here are some common products that other people have used to reduce their stress. Test some out and see if any work for you!

Important: these aren’t a substitute for therapy or professional help.

Other ways to reduce stress to try

Remember, you don’t always need to spend money to reduce your stress! There are free resources and techniques you can use like these.

  • Deep breathing and meditation
  • Progressive muscle relaxation
  • Body scan meditation
  • Go for a walk outdoors
  • Volunteer
  • Talk to a loved one
  • Watch a funny movie or TV show
  • Spend time in nature

If you’re looking for another way to relieve stress, why not try BetterSleep for free! From meditations to stress-reliving isochronic tones, BetterHelp has easy tools to use at any time of the day.

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