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Taking notes on a sleep study
What’s Involved in a Sleep Study?
Sleep studies provide critical insight into the causes of a person’s sleep disorder if present. They are also extremely useful to monitor someone’s response to treatment, already diagnosed with a sleep disorder.
Mar 22 • 4 min read
Floor mats for sleeping
The Pros and Cons of Japanese Floor Mats For Sleep
Also known as tatami mats, these mattress alternatives have several benefits to help improve your sleep.
Mar 22 • 4 min read
Loom peacefully floating on lake
The Best Animal Sounds for a Relaxing Night’s Sleep
Numerous studies have proven that being outside or even just listening to natural sounds reduces stress, boosts mood, and makes it easier to sleep.
Mar 22 • 4 min read
Sleeping with arms raised
Facts and Myths About Blood Pressure and Sleep
Blood pressure follows a daily cycle, from waking to sleeping. It starts to rise a couple of hours before you wake and continues to increase until peaking around midday.
Mar 22 • 4 min read
Group meditation practice
Chakras Explained: How to Keep Chakras In Alignment
A chakra is a focal energy point found in your body. The term “chakra” comes from the Sanskrit word “cakra”, which means “wheel”.
Mar 21 •
Late night herbal tea
Bedtime Drinks that Promote Good Sleep
When you go to bed, bedtime activities, and what you eat and drink in the evening all matter when it comes to better sleep.
Mar 21 • 4 min read
Baby wrapped in a blanket
The Journey from Bassinet to Crib to Toddler Bed
Babies grow up so fast and go from bassinet to crib to big kid bed sooner than you realize
Mar 21 • 4 min read
napping on the couch
World Sleep Day: 7 Fun Facts About Sleep
World Sleep Day is an annual event aiming to help build awareness of the benefits and importance of getting good sleep, improving your sleep hygiene, and using sleep to enhance your overall health.
Mar 18 • 4 min read
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