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Sound of ocean waves
Benefits of Ocean Sounds for Sleep
Since the sound of ocean waves is normally quite relaxing when used as background noise, it can help some people feel more calm, chilled out, and able to rest more easily.
Apr 15 • 4 min read
Dreams about cats
Dream Dive: Pets
Some dreams of pets could occur more than once or even leave you yearning for a meaning of some sort.
Apr 14 • 4 min read
Best time to set your alarm
What is the Ideal Time to Wake Up?
Some people are night owls, while others prefer to wake up early. There isn’t a right or wrong answer, only each person’s unique chronotype.
Apr 14 • 4 min read
Drinking water before bed
Water Before Bed: What You Should Know
Eating healthy foods and drinking the recommended amount of water will all contribute towards improving your overall health.
Apr 13 • 4 min read
Checking the fridge for a snack
The Best Late Night Snacks to Eat Before You Sleep
It’s okay to snack before bed — but not all bedtime snacks are created equal. Read on to learn about the best bedtime snacks
Apr 13 • 4 min read
Desert representing dry mouth
Waking Up with a Dry Mouth: Common Causes and Treatments
dry mouth symptoms include thick and stringy spit, bad breath, a hoarse or sore throat, a change in your sense of taste and a dry tongue.
Apr 12 • 4 min read
Falling asleep without a pillow
Sleeping Without a Pillow
In some cases, sleeping flat without the assistance of a cushiony pillow below your head can help you sleep even better.
Apr 12 • 4 min read
Dreaming about babies
Dream Dive: Babies
It’s common to experience dreams from suppressed emotions, images you see throughout the day, things you watch on television, or in this situation, just encountering a baby.
Apr 12 • 4 min read
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