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Overheating at night
Overheating At Night - You’re Not Alone
Do you keep waking up at night soaking with sweat? If so, you’re not alone. Let’s explore why you may overheat during the night
Apr 29 • 4 min read
Can sleep make you taller?
Does Sleep Make You Taller?
Sleep is essential for good overall health. It is particularly crucial for normal growth in children and adolescents.
Apr 28 • 4 min read
Baby crying in their sleep
Why Do Babies Cry in Their Sleep?
Crying in sleep is normal for babies, but you can take steps to soothe and comfort them to stop the tears.
Apr 26 • 4 min read
Waking up thirsty
Waking up Thirsty
It’s normal to lose water overnight, but you might need to address your hydration status or an underlying issue if you consistently feel very thirsty or uncomfortable upon waking.
Apr 26 • 4 min read
Having a fever dream
What to Know About Fever Dreams
Have you ever had a dream that felt more intense or vivid than usual and thought, “What just happened?” Well, you may have just experienced a fever dream
Apr 25 • 4 min read
CDC sleep research
What the CDC Has to Say About Sleep
The CDC has previously declared sleep disorders as a public health epidemic. They say, getting a good sleep every night is important for your mental and physical health.
Apr 25 • 5 min read
Dream Dive: Mice and Rats
Dreaming of things like mice and rats can leave some confusion but there are some things you can make sense of.
Apr 25 • 4 min read
Rain hitting the window
sleep / relaxation
How Rain Helps Relaxation and Sleep
Most people get excited when it rains at night. That joy comes from the belief that the rain will give them a good night’s rest. Scientifically speaking, there could be some truth to that.
Apr 24 • 4 min read
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