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Sleep helps your mental health
What Effect Does Sleep Have On Mental Health?
Getting a healthy amount of sleep enhances well-being and leads to a productive day. Not getting enough can cause irritability, stress and lead to a decline in mental health.
May 13 • 4 min read
Managing intrusive thoughts
Intrusive Thoughts and How Meditation Can Help
Intrusive, anxious thoughts can impact day to day life. When these thoughts start to turn negative, this can elevate anxiety and stress levels.
May 13 • 4 min read
How to be comforting
Avoid Toxic Clichés: What to Say Instead
Some statements come across as positive, but in the end can provoke depressing emotions. Here are some toxic clichés to avoid
May 13 • 4 min read
Anxiety in different forms
Anxiety is Not One Size Fits All
Everyone feels anxious at some point in their life. Most anxiety is manageable and can be dealt with using relaxation techniques.
May 13 • 4 min read
Adjusting your mindset at work
How to Improve Your Attitude at Work
Your job doesn’t have to make you feel anxious. You have the power to change your mindset about work.
May 12 • 4 min read
Find your way to a better mood
5 Tips to Turn Around a Bad Mood
We all have bad days and sink into bad moods. Knowing how to get out of a bad mood fast is helpful.
May 12 • 4 min read
Bedtime affirmations as part of wellness
Bedtime Affirmations
Doing affirmations is one way to shift your brain from thinking negatively to focus instead on the positive.
May 12 • 4 min read
Find happiness with self-love
How to Develop Self-Love
Self-love and compassion have been proven to be essential components to maintaining positive mental health and wellbeing.
May 11 • 4 min read
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