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National Stress Awareness Day 2021: Why You Should Take a Moment to Unwind
This November's National Stress Awareness day is a great time to reflect and find a mindful moment of noticing where we hold our stress, and how we can let it go.
Nov 3 • 4 min read
Moon rising over a golden desert
Gratitude Month: 10 Ways Showing Thanks Can Help You Feel Amazing
Gratitude is a powerful tool that can benefit both physical and mental health.
Nov 1 • 4 min read
A full moon above autumnal trees
sleep / meditation
A Full Moon Meditation for the Hunter’s Moon of October 20th
October’s full moon represents a celebration of the harvest and the coming of, and preparation for, winter. Use this as an opportunity to create your own special meditation.
Oct 20 • 4 min read
A car dozes on a bed in a cozy apartment
Pets and Mental Health: How Furry Friends Can Lower Your Stress
Pets can bring comfort, routine, and even better sleep to the lives of their owners.
Oct 17 • 4 min read
A carousel under the stars
Insomnia in Seniors: How to Tackle An Age-Old Challenge
Seniors can be fit, active, and independent, yet their bodies do change gradually over the years. Sleep, too, changes as people age.
Oct 15 • 4 min read
A circular motif of wind and string instruments
relaxation / sleep
How Classical and Instrumental Music Affect Mental Health
Discover how listening to music can give your sleep and overall wellbeing a boost.
Oct 11 • 3 min read
Aster J. Haile illustration
10 Questions With a Creative Content Producer - Aster J. Haile
Sep 21 • 3 min read
positive thinking illustration
How Positive Thinking Can Improve Your Mental Health
A more positive outlook on life is beneficial to your mental health
Sep 14 • 2 min read
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