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Sound of rushing water
8 Water Sound Combinations of to Try Before Bed Tonight
Dive into a good night's sleep or make a splash the next time you meditated with these sounds combinations.
Mar 28 • 4 min read
Meditating while listening to relaxing music
10 Sounds of Relaxing Instruments to Try While You Meditate
If you’re new to meditation, you may find it challenging to calm your thoughts without any sounds or prompts to guide your way. While it may come easy for some people, others need to work at it first. This is where music comes into play.
Mar 28 • 4 min read
Dog sleeping soundly
The Best Sleep Sounds For You And Your Dog
Are you or your dog struggling to unwind in the evening? If you sleep in the same room as your dog, it’s important that you both get a good night’s rest so one doesn’t disturb the other.
Mar 26 • 4 min read
Smoking makes your sleep worse
Smoking and Sleep
You’re probably aware of the potential health complications that can come with the habit of smoking. However, smoking and sleep is something rarely discussed.
Mar 26 • 4 min read
Traveling for good mental wellness
How Travel Benefits Your Mental Health
A break from routines, from stress, and from busyness can certainly boost your mood and make you feel more relaxed, even if only for a period of time.
Mar 26 • 4 min read
Meditating calmly
Discover the Meaning Behind Common Meditation Terms
If you’re new to meditation, you might’ve encountered quite a few terms you’re unfamiliar with. Read on to learn more about the meaning behind these terms
Mar 26 • 4 min read
Throat always sore in the morning
Waking Up With a Sore Throat? Here’s Why it Might Be Happening
Waking up with a sore throat can feel annoying, but it can also make you worried that you’re getting sick. Luckily, unless you caught a virus, there are simple solutions to help you sleep better and wake up feeling great.
Mar 25 • 4 min read
Man removing mouthguard
Using Sleep Mouthguards: What You Should Know
From breathing to snoring to teeth grinding and clenching, mouthguards can provide a ways to solve the problem.
Mar 25 • 4 min read
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