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Mirror superstitions
Myth or Fact: Sleeping in Front of a Mirror
Superstitions about sleeping in front of a mirror may have frightened you, or left you questioning: “is it actually bad to sleep in front of a mirror?”
May 19 • 4 min read
Dream Dive: Spiders
Creepy crawlers, like spiders, are a fear for a lot of people. Seeing spiders in your dreams can spark similar feelings.
May 19 • 4 min read
Talk about mental health
Talking To Your Partner or Friend About Mental Health
If you’re struggling with your mental health, you don’t have to do it alone. Sharing with someone you trust can give you some perspective while helping you get the support you need to overcome your challenges.
May 18 • 4 min read
Deep sleeper
Sleeper Types: Heavy Sleepers
Learn what it means to be a deep sleeper and what you can do to sleep better (and wake up more easily).
May 18 • 4 min read
Awake with anxiety
How to Sleep When You’re Anxious
Attempting to sleep when you’re anxious can be hard to do. Some people find themselves waking up with anxiety attacks and others might deal with anxiety before bed.
May 18 • 4 min read
Affirmations for self-worth
31 Powerful Affirmations for Low Self-Esteem
If you struggle with your self-esteem, read on to learn some powerful affirmations to build your self-worth.
May 18 • 3 min read
Recognizing your self worth
Meditations for Self-Love
Self-love is a term you might have heard but not fully understood. It doesn’t mean being self-centered or arrogant. It means appreciating and valuing yourself.
May 17 • 4 min read
How to Manage Flight Anxiety
If the idea of getting on an airplane makes you anxious, you’re not the only one. Flight anxiety is manageable, but if your fear is debilitating, you might need professional support.
May 17 • 4 min read
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