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Cozy bedroom with lots of plush pillows and blankets
sleep / lifestyle
How to Make Your Bedroom Quieter
The bedroom should be a peaceful sanctuary, but sounds from noisy neighbors and cars buzzing down the road can make it hard to fall asleep and stay asleep.
Aug 11 • 8 min read
Woman diving into the water
Dream Dive: Water
There are many things to consider regarding dreams about water—purity, size, calmness, etc. All these things can help you understand your dream about water.
Aug 9 • 4 min read
Woman dramatically lying on the forest grounf
Dream Dive: Nightmares About Dying
Dreaming about people dying may be a cause for concern. Seeing yourself die can bring even more worry.
Aug 8 • 4 min read
Woman sleeping soundly on clouds
Music for Lucid Dreaming
Over half of adults have experienced lucid dreaming at least once in their lifetime. Different things are believed to trigger lucid dreams.
Aug 6 • 4 min read
Pressure gauge at maximum amount
Meditation to Manage Feeling Overwhelmed
In today’s fast-paced world, feeling overwhelmed isn’t just common; it’s almost become the norm.
Aug 6 • 4 min read
Shadows of two people walking side by side
Dream Dive: A Deceased Loved One
Dreaming about a deceased loved one can bring a mix of emotions. This can happen for many reasons, like not getting proper closure before a loved one passes away.
Aug 6 • 4 min read
Two women laughing together
Dream Dive: Old Friend
If you have recurrent dreams about old friends, things may need to be uncovered.
Aug 5 • 4 min read
Radio on headboard shelf
Best Noises for Sleep
Some people find it easier to sleep in complete silence, while others need sound to get quality sleep. Perfecting the sounds in your sleep environment plays a vital role in rest.
Aug 5 • 4 min read
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