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Map of Great Britain
sleep / news
Bedtime Stories: Tales from Great Britain and Ireland
Try these six amazing bedtime stories available that originate from the British isles.
Jun 27 • 4 min read
reading together
sleep / news
Bedtime Stories with Female Leads
From women in African villages to young girls discovering a world in their wardrobe to Ancient Egyptian queens, there are plenty of captivating female-led stories to help send you to dreamland for the night.
Jun 27 • 4 min read
Outdoor meditation
news / wellness
Nature-Themed Meditations for Sleep
Researchers continue to find that time spent outdoors, especially in green spaces, improves sleep.
Jun 25 • 4 min read
Hand reaching out to the sky
Dream Dive: Nightmares About Losing a Loved One
Loss is difficult to come to terms with; your nightmares of losing a loved one may bring confusion and fear.
Jun 25 • 11 min read
CPAP Machine
CPAP Maintenance
It's vital to regularly wash and rinse your CPAP machine parts, such as your hose and mask.
Jun 25 • 4 min read
Bedtime story with dog
sleep / news
Bedtime Stories: Stories About Animals
With these stories on the BetterSleep app, you can listen to tales about our friends from the animal kingdom to help you drift off into a slumber.
Jun 25 • 4 min read
Side by side alarm clocks
What Is Biphasic Sleep?
By splitting your sleep schedule into two, you could reap several benefits.
Jun 24 • 4 min read
Gripping steering wheel tightly
Dream Dive: Losing Control
Having dreams of losing control can be an uncomfortable experience. You may want to do or say something but you don’t have the control or power to do it.
Jun 24 • 4 min read
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