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Morning Routines That Improve Sleep

by BetterSleep
Aug 17 • 4 min read

Everything you do throughout the day impacts how you sleep at night. Start with a healthy morning routine for overall better quality sleep. A morning routine that includes focusing on relaxation and good mental health sets you up for success all day. Like a physical workout, a little meditation in the morning gets your brain prepped for the day (and possible stressors) ahead.

Set a Fixed Wake-up Time

It’s close to impossible for your body to get accustomed to a healthy sleep routine if you’re constantly waking up at different times. Pick a wake-up time and stick with it, even on weekends or other days when you would otherwise be tempted to sleep in. A study from AASM (American Academy of Sleep Medicine) shows that the minimum recommended sleep for healthy adults is 7 hours a night. Based on that, you should be able to schedule the right bedtime and wake up time.

Start the Day Meditating

Meditating regularly, whenever you can, is better than not practicing medication when it comes to sleep. However, there are many reasons to start a habit of doing it as soon as you wake up each morning. If you leave it until later in the day, it’s easier to justify skipping it. Starting the day with a morning meditation helps start the day in a good mood.

Difficulty sleeping can be triggered by anxiety, and it also creates anxiety. Meditating in the morning is a fast way to target and eliminate anxiety from your day. It will prepare you to manage the anxiety that comes as bedtime approaches.


Try to fit in a 15 minute morning stretching routine that will help to gently awaken your body. There are different types of exercises that will wake up your body and mind to help feel relaxed all day long:

Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice designed to improve mobility and well-being, combining slow body movements with focused breathing.

Yoga improves flexibility and increases strength. It can also boost your energy levels, reduce stress and anxiety, and aid in weight management


After 7 straight hours in bed, your body will need its best fuel to start the day off right: water. Drink a glass of water right after getting up to counteract dehydration from sleep. After meditating and exercising, you should drink another glass. To keep up with vitamins, you can add lemon juice to it. We also recommend drinking green tea instead of coffee.

Now, you’re all set to start the day on the right side of the bed and sleep better all night long!

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