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Meet the Team: 12 Questions With a Social Media Manager

by BetterSleep
Aug 3 • 3 min read

What’s your name and how long have you been working for BetterSleep ?

My name is Kassandra, and in August it will be 2 years!

What is a social media manager?

A social media manager is the person who creates and schedules content for social media. They are usually the person you are talking to whenever you leave a comment or message on a company’s account on Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform. Social media managers are responsible for bridging the gap between the users and the company. We help make a space online where a person can visit and say “Ah! So this is what this company is all about.”

What does a typical day look like ?

My day usually starts with checking all of our accounts to see if there are any comments or messages that need to be answered from the night before. After that, I spend most of my time strategizing new ways to improve our content online. Sometimes I design things on Photoshop, sometimes I record videos of myself, and the rest of the time I’m probably scrolling the internet for new trends or content that I think our followers may enjoy.

How many social media accounts do you manage?

I currently manage 8 accounts.

How do you come up with new post ideas?

I find a lot of my inspiration online. Visually, I look for ideas by scrolling through my own social media feed to see what other accounts are doing. This makes it easy to see what style or content is really popular. A lot of our content is about building healthy habits and a strong mental health, so I also like to read research on psychology to help find new tools or tips that I can integrate into our content.

What is your favorite social media platform?

Instagram is my go-to social media platform. I like to stay on one platform and I like that Instagram has a little bit of everything (photos, videos, chat, etc.) so I feel like I’m getting everything I need!

What’s the best part of your job?

By far, the best part of my job is getting to interact with people across the world that love BetterSleep. I get to hear their stories and learn how the app has helped change their lives. It’s pretty magical!

How do you strengthen a community on social media?

By being an authentic human. I think more and more people are looking for brands that have a personality and believe in something. I try to interact with every person I meet online as myself instead of as a “brand”. This helps build the kind of trust you need as the foundation for any good community.

What are your main challenges?

Things move fast and sometimes changes are made to platforms without any explanation. You need to be quick to adjust, because sometimes the idea for a post that worked well the first time may not work the second time.

What’s your favorite mix for sleep?

I love our Chillhop collection! I mix it with some Vinyl Crackle, Heavy Rain, and Thunder.

Which is your sleep animal (dolphin, bear, lion, or wolf)?

I am not a morning person whatsoever so I’m going to say Wolf. My energy picks up around 9pm, which is when I decide to accomplish everything on my to-do list instead of getting ready for sleep. Mornings on the other hand, are not so wonderful.

Do you prefer guided meditations or bedtime stories ?

I worked in a bookstore for 8 years while I was in school so my heart belongs to anything that reminds me of books. I’ll have to choose bedtime stories.

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