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3 people doing tai chi in a park
Mindful Movement Meditation
Mindful movement has many benefits for healthy adults, such as lowering stress levels, strengthening the mind-body connection, and improving attention.
Jul 13 • 4 min read
Suffering with tinnitus
wellness / sleep
Meditation for Tinnitus
Meditation is one tool you can use to better manage and cope with ringing in your ears.
Jul 12 • 4 min read
Waving at hot air balloons
sleep / wellness
Meditation for Lucid Dreaming
Most of us are familiar with the concept of dreaming, but lucid dreaming is a whole other idea.
Jul 11 • 5 min read
Deep inhale
3 Simple Breathing Techniques for Meditation
Breathing techniques for meditation are one powerful way you can ground yourself and get the most out of your practice.
Jul 11 • 4 min read
Stop-watch on the beach
When is the Best Time to Meditate
Most people don’t need to be convinced that meditation is worthwhile—the problem many face is finding the time.
Jul 7 • 4 min read
Nautical map
lifestyle / wellness
Voyage into the Self
Taking time for self-reflection and introspection can seem selfish, but taking time for your mental health shouldn’t be a luxury or indulgence.
Jul 7 • 4 min read
Meditating outdoors
mental health / wellness
Meditation in Times of Grief
Waves of grief can feel painful, but meditation for grief helps your body find peace by observing your feelings and thoughts without judgment.
Jul 7 • 4 min read
Couple meditating together
wellness / lifestyle
Meditation for Couples
Couples meditation can help bring you closer to your partner because it brings awareness to your thoughts and emotions.
Jul 7 • 4 min read
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