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Gregorian Chants: Relaxation and Meditation

by BetterSleep
Apr 14 • 4 min read

Soothing sounds can be a great addition to the sleep environment you create for when it’s time to rest. Whether you are new to soothing sounds or you’re knowledgeable about the practice, many people may not be familiar with the term Gregorian Chants.

Just like the soothing sounds of nature or music, Gregorian Chants help relax the body, mind, and soul, preparing you for rest. If you are looking for ways to wind down and soothe your mind and body before bed, Gregorian Chants may do the trick.

What Are Gregorian Chants?

Gregorian chants are described as the music of the church. It originated in the Roman Catholic Church. The earliest forms dated back to the ninth century. This type of music was born in the church’s liturgy. The thing that sets Gregorian chants apart from other music is that it is based on scripture, coming from the Psalter.

What is the texture of Gregorian Chants?

Gregorian Chants carry a monophonic texture. This means that the songs are not accompanied by instruments or a meter. These chants are sung without rhyme. It is comprised of a single melodic line. The tones of Gregorian Chants rise and fall without any structure.

Gregorian Chants are sacred but not all sacred songs are Gregorian. The prayers and texts that are used set Gregorian Chants apart from other songs.

Gregorian Chants and Relaxation

Music has a way of relaxing you because you are focused on the melodic sounds. People use music while working, restaurants use it to help the ambiance, and many people play music while they sleep. Different kinds of music carry different relaxing components.

Because of the texture of Gregorian Chants, it’s known to promote relaxation. Some people in the early Middle Ages believed that Gregorian Chants had healing powers. You probably have heard spas using Gregorian Chants or similar sounds in the music they play.

Gregorian Chants can also be used in wellness practices like yoga and meditation. The music helps bring the mind and body together as one. It also uplifts the mind and gets rid of any distractions that you may face outside of meditation.

If you are wanting to consider Gregorian Chants or similar sounds that can help you relax and meditate, the BetterSleep app has the perfect solution for you. Soothing sounds like the “Monk Chant” and “Om” can be played when you practice yoga and meditation or when you’re getting ready for bed.

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