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Dream Dive: Pets

by BetterSleep
Apr 14 • 4 min read

Whether you have a pet or not, it’s no doubt that they make the world go round. 70% of households in the United States alone have a pet. That’s over 90 million households. When you’re dealing with pets this much in your reality, there’s a high chance you will encounter them in your dreams.

Dreams are a compilation of your emotional and psychological health, as well as images you’re introduced to throughout the day. If you’ve had a dream about pets, the scientific meaning behind it could just be that you see them a lot in your reality.

Some dreams of pets could occur more than once or even leave you yearning for a meaning of some sort. The truth is that dreams do not have an exact meaning. Your brain may be trying to release compressed emotions but that’s about it.

What Does It Mean to Dream About a Dog?

Dogs are considered a man’s best friend. It’s no shock that dreaming about dogs could be about your emotions towards a person or relationship of some sort. Dreams will always display your reactions or feelings towards something.

Dreams of dogs tend to symbolize human relationships. When you see a dog in your dream, it could mean that you need to protect someone or someone may be protecting you. This is most likely the meaning when the dog is seen as happy or energetic in the dream.

Dogs biting or chasing you in dreams

While happy and energetic dogs can symbolize protection, aggressive dogs are the total opposite. A temperamental dog in a dream could mean that you are facing anxiety or worry about a situation in your life.

Most times, this type of dream is related to a romantic relationship or your love life.

Being chased by a dog in a dream can symbolize feeling pressured or trying to escape from a situation.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Cats?

Just like when you’re dreaming of dogs, when you dream of cats, you need to observe the emotions and energy the cat is giving. Sometimes, observing the color of the cat can bring different meanings.

Cats carry a certain character that is cautious, moves with grace, and has elegance. When you dream of cats, it could be your mind telling you that you need to be careful about a situation or person.

Observing the way you feel after dreaming about a cat can also help you understand your internal state of being.

Cats can live freely and the dream could be a reminder of the power and free will that you hold.

Other Pet Dreams


Just like some dogs, happy rabbits in a dream could be a positive thing.

  • Luck
  • Fertility
  • Fortune
  • New or refreshed love
  • Close to achieving something big


Dreaming of birds is almost always a good thing.

  • Freedom
  • Peace
  • Success
  • Harmony

Whether positive or negative, dreams happen. Taking care of your emotional and psychological health during the day can help you sleep peacefully at night. The BetterSleep app is a place that can help you achieve that.

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