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Achieving Emotional Release

by BetterSleep
Apr 14 2022 • 4 min read

Call it baggage, trauma, or depression, many people struggle to let go of difficult emotions and experiences. Releasing these opens up a more positive future, joy, happiness, and overall well-being. If you feel like negative emotions hold you back, try techniques designed to bring about emotional release.

What is Emotional Release?

Emotional release is sometimes also referred to as a catharsis or emotional cleaning. It refers to gaining mastery over negative feelings and moods. Sometimes this happens naturally, as when you feel stress building and building and then break down and cry. It feels really terrible, but then the release leaves you with a sense of peace.

Dive deep into the world of dreaming about crying.

Many people seek emotional release in more structured ways, through therapy, somatic release, and specific techniques. If you struggle with anger, fear, anxiety, stress, or depression and are looking for a new way to master these feelings, emotional release can help. It helps you get “unstuck” from difficult and limiting emotions that you keep dwelling or ruminating on.

Emotional Release Therapy

A professional therapist can provide a type of therapy designed to help you let go of negativity, trauma, and destructive thoughts. Called emotional release therapy, or mental emotional release (MER), this technique can be a great mental health tool.

Therapists who practice MER help patients get into a relaxed state and then ask them a lot of questions to get into their subconscious. This helps the therapist discover the root cause of the emotional baggage the patient struggles to release.

This subconscious release technique allows patients to reprocess and reframe past experiences. You can revisit them from a more detached perspective and learn how they affect your current state. This is a powerful way to let go of negativity from the past.

Emotional Freedom Technique

Another strategy involves somatic release, working with the physical body to achieve emotional release. The emotional freedom technique (EFT) involves tapping the body in certain places. The idea behind EFT is similar to acupressure. By hitting energy spots on the body, you can let go of certain emotions and find greater balance.

The body has specific pressure points to target for EFT tapping. You can try this with a therapist, but it’s a safe method you can also try on your own. Some people find that it calms them immediately.

Meditation to Master Your Emotions

Meditation is another great DIY technique for emotional release. Before beginning a meditation, identify what’s bothering you and picture the negativity inside you. As you meditate, focus on expelling that energy with every exhalation.

You can also add a mantra to bolster the release. For instance, if you’re angry, say, “I am releasing anger and accepting peace.” Focus on your breath each time you repeat the mantra. Regular meditation is a powerful way to bring balance to your life as you work toward emotional release.

Finding peace in chaos, the negative emotions swirling around your brain and holding you back, can be challenging. Try these techniques, and talk to a professional therapist if you still struggle to manage and master these feelings.

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