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4 Benefits of Aromatherapy

by BetterSleep
Jun 22 • 4 min read

If you’re looking for ways to improve your sleep, you may have come across the term “aromatherapy” or “essential oils.” That’s because many people use these tools to sleep better.

But what is aromatherapy, and what are its benefits? Keep reading to find out!

What Is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy isn’t new — it’s been around for thousands of years! This holistic treatment uses the natural extracts in plants — also called essential oils — to promote physical and mental well-being.

There are hundreds of types of essential oils that each provide their unique benefits. Some work via the sense of smell, while others work better through skin absorption.

4 Benefits of Aromatherapy

Wondering how aromatherapy can help? Here are 4 benefits of using aromatherapy in your self-care routine.

1. Improve the Quality of Your Sleep

The soothing scent of lavender, eucalyptus, ylang-ylang, peppermint, chamomile, cedarwood, bergamot, and many other essential oils can help you calm your nervous system and mind when you settle down for sleep.

2. Help Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Essential oils can help you do more than sleep better; some can also help you manage your anxiety or stress. Lavender is a great option, but so are basil, valerian, rose, lemon balm, and chamomile.

3. Ease Pain in Joints

When applied topically, some people claim to get relief from joint pain with essential oils. Cinnamon, eucalyptus, lemongrass, orange, peppermint, frankincense, bergamot, and rosemary work well for this purpose.

Keep in mind that most essential oils need to be blended with a carrier oil — such as jojoba oil or coconut oil — to be applied safely to the skin.

4. Improve Your Meditation Sessions

Combine essential oils with your meditation practice if you struggle to clear your mind and relax.

How To Implement Aromatherapy In Your Wellness Routine

You can try aromatherapy in a variety of ways! Here are just a few methods you can try at home.

  • Bath salts: Adding some bath salts with essential oils to your hot bath is a great way to get your dose of aromatherapy while also relaxing your muscles. Check out our 3 soothing DIY bath salt recipes for some inspiration!
  • Diffuser: Not only do diffusers help spread essential oils in a room, but they also act as a humidifier if your bedroom is too dry.
  • Topically: Mix your essential oils with body oil, lotion, or cream to apply it topically to the skin.
  • Facial steamers: Add your favorite essential oil blend to a facial steamer for an extra dose of relaxation.

Need some relaxing sounds or guided meditations to add to your aromatherapy sessions? Try BetterSleep for free!

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